The Culture of Compliance in Fintech: A Pillar for Sustainable Success

22 Nov, 2023 | Noticias-en

Recently, a friend accustomed to the environment of large companies asked me the following question: what is it like to work in a Fintech from the Compliance perspective? Her curiosity, coming from a consolidated corporate world, sparked my reflection on my experience in this challenging universe.

Working in a Fintech is a journey full of exciting challenges and opportunities. The constant dynamics, the incessant search for disruptive solutions and, in my case, the immersion in the crypto world, make this path an exciting journey, even similar to the experience on a roller coaster.

In Latin America, a large part of the Fintech companies have been founded by young people, perhaps not entirely familiar with Compliance in formal terms, but who experience it intrinsically.

They begin with the desire to innovate and contribute to financial inclusion, aware of the immediate need to generate trust among users, investors and regulators. In this context, the culture of Compliance and good corporate practices becomes a fundamental pillar that shapes the identity and future of Fintech companies. More than complying with a series of regulations, it is adopting values ​​rooted in ethics, transparency and responsibility.

In my case, I am fortunate to work in a Fintech where the Compliance team is not an isolated area, but rather a strategic ally at every stage of the process. We collaborate closely with development, finance, operations, legal, marketing, and other teams to ensure that each innovation is aligned with regulations, clear messages, and safe customer interactions. This culture not only permeates each line of code, but also in the decision making
and strategies outlined.

I have learned that speed in these companies is essential: adapting quickly to market demands and implementing innovations in an agile manner is a priority. However, this agility must not compromise integrity or compliance with regulations. This is where the culture of Compliance becomes the best ally, accompanying the business step by step to guarantee compliance with financial regulations, data protection, cybersecurity and
prevention of money laundering.

I have been able to experience how this mentality has allowed us to strengthen the credibility of the company in the market. In an environment where trust is key, Compliance must be the pillar on which reputation and sustainable growth are built.

As you can imagine, maintaining this culture of Compliance is not an easy task. It requires dedication, continuous education and an open mind towards adaptation. Regulations change, technology evolves and challenges multiply. Therefore, in these companies, Compliance must be a constant and collective commitment, where each person becomes a guardian of integrity.

Unlike what happens in large companies, those of us who work in Compliance in the growing Fintech industry have the opportunity to accompany these organizations from the beginning. And for its part, each role and function performed is essential to ensure that the culture of integrity is part of the company’s identity.

It is a nice challenge, to which I feel happy to be able to contribute with enthusiasm and dedication. I firmly believe that if Fintech companies follow this ethical, safe and reliable path, they will achieve sustainable success in the time they long for.

María Jesús Bustamante E.
Chief Compliance Officer | Master of Laws ESADE Business & Law School ⎜UC Law


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