Peru | The Law that promotes the use of artificial intelligence is published

18 Jul, 2023 | Noticias-en

Law 31814 was recently published in Peru, which promotes the use of artificial intelligence in favor of the economic and social development of the country (the “Law”), within the framework of the national process of digital transformation.

The Law sets forth the principles that should guide the actions of the State in promoting the use of artificial intelligence, and the participation of the private sector in this activity. Some of these principles are: Risk-based security standards, Multi-stakeholder approach, Internet Governance, Digital Society, Artificial Intelligence Privacy, etc.

Likewise, the Secretariat of Government and Digital Transformation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers is appointed as the technical-regulatory authority responsible for directing, evaluating and supervising the use and promotion of the development of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies. Said secretariat will have the obligation to submit an annual report to Congress on the progress in the implementation of the National Digital Transformation Policy and the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy, and to immediately inform the Intelligence Commission of Congress, in the event that threats are identified. serious or breach of national cybersecurity.

Finally, the Law establishes a period of 90 business days for the Executive Branch to approve the corresponding Regulation.

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