Paraguay | The Ministry of Labor implements a 50% reduction in fines imposed on employers

28 Nov, 2023 | Noticias-en

The fines that are reducible are those imposed by:

  • Non-compliance with employer registration in the Employer Workers’ Registry.
  • Failure to submit labor forms.
  • Lack of communication of entry and exit of workers.
  • Lack of communication of permits and vacations granted.
  • Lack of communication of reprimands, warnings and suspensions of workers,
  • Lack of communication of work accidents, risks and occupational diseases.
  • Balances due to late payments of installment fines, as long as the request for installment of the fine is prior to the date of the decree.

For the first 6 fines mentioned, employers will have the fine divided into up to ten (10) installments of equal value, but a minimum initial delivery of twenty percent (20%) of the entire reduced fine must be made.

Fines that were divided prior to this decree may only benefit from the reduction by paying the entire reduced fine. If this is not a possibility for the employer, they will have to continue complying with the payment of the installments.

For more information contact:

Carla Arellano | Counselor Ferrere |


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