Paraguay | New inspection, inspection and labor surveillance procedures

7 Sep, 2023 | Noticias-en

The Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security established the modification of labor inspection, inspection and surveillance procedures. In that sense, it revoked Resolution 1655/2022 and article 17 of Resolution 56/2017, which provided for the administrative and procedural procedures for requesting and verifying documents of mandatory physical possession.

Resolution 1655/2022 established that notifications issued within the framework of inspections in relation to the requirements for the presentation of mandatory possession documentation must have prior authorization from the general director of the General Directorate of Labor Inspection and Supervision (DGIFT). .

Article 17 of Resolution 56/2017 established that the Director General of the DGIFT could request preventively, through notes of requirement or collated to employers, the presentation of mandatory possession documentation, within a specified period, for the purposes of verify compliance with labor standards and Occupational Health and Safety. It also established that, in the event of non-submission of the requested documentation, the Director of the DGIFT may request an inspection order for its completion.

In this sense, the new provisions of the MTESS regarding inspection, inspection and labor surveillance procedures establish that:

Mandatory labor documentation should not be required from any company nationwide for notes, notifications, other documents or procedures other than within the framework of actions authorized by an Inspection Order issued by the Highest Institutional Authority – the Minister of I work, currently Monica Recalde.
As of August 18, 2023, no notification of documentary requirements within the framework of the repealed resolutions is valid.

Mandatory possession documents may be presented electronically. This point is currently pending implementation.

Additionally, the MTESS mentions that they are working on the preparation of an Inspection Manual.

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