Paraguay | MTESS establishes new provisions for occupational health and safety professionals

7 May, 2024 | Noticias-en

A resolution of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security (No. 219/2024) approves the procedure for granting the digital card and registration of professionals who work in the field of Health and Safety at Work (SST), being the Vice Ministry of Labor through the Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety (DSSO), responsible for evaluating, observing, notifying, recognizing and approving records and cards.

The regulation, detailed in an attached annex, establishes criteria, categories, requirements, procedures and functions for OSH professionals, as well as the implementation of a digital system to manage this registry.

The regulation defines three categories of OSH professionals:

  • A (Upper)
  • B (Intermediate)
  • C (Basic)

Each category has specific requirements in terms of educational background, work experience, and additional certifications.

In addition, the procedure for obtaining the digital card is established, which will be carried out through the DSSO – RISO computer program (within the Occupational Safety Information Registration System) and will be valid for 5 years.

Regarding the functions of the professionals registered in each category, specific tasks are detailed, ranging from promoting the prevention of occupational risks to carrying out risk assessments and planning preventive actions.

Responsibilities are also established, such as informing the competent authorities about occupational accidents and occupational diseases of which workers are victims, which cause more than three days of disability in the afternoons, and responding to administrative summaries before the Administrative Labor Authority, in case of non-compliance with their functions or attributing functions that do not correspond to them.


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