Chile | Recommendations of good practices in the field of human rights for companies

3 Apr, 2023 | Noticias-en

The  promotion, protection and respect of human rights  have traditionally been associated and attributed almost exclusively to a responsibility of the State. This paradigm today is in a clear process of transition towards a scenario in which the  company  appears as an agent that is responsible for assuming a leading role in the respect of these rights.

In a modern and globalized world, companies generate a great impact on people’s lives and also on local communities. Although the effects of this situation can be beneficial, thanks to the creation of jobs or the incentive they can generate for local investment, they can also bring harmful consequences in cases where violations of human rights are found, such as  : forced  labor , child labor, breaches of labor regulations, unequal treatment and discrimination, non-payment of an adequate salary, lack of freedom of association , among others.

In this context, and given that it is increasingly necessary to incorporate human rights policies in companies, we recommend carrying out the following practices, depending on the scenario in which they are located:

The company has not implemented human rights policies or due diligence

In this case, the company should begin by evaluating its potential and actual impacts on human rights, its existing activities and processes, supply chains, and relationships with third parties, in order to provide itself with adequate and effective controls, in conjunction with an action plan in this area. .

The company has adopted human rights due diligence policies and processes

In this case, the company must:

  • Constantly monitor and review its risks in this area.
  • Continuously verify the suitability of the channels or mechanisms that allow the relationship, communication and participation of stakeholders.
  • Make the pertinent adjustments to achieve evolution in the prevention and repair mechanisms that the organization has.

Thus, our suggestion for all companies, however small, medium or large they may be, is to  proactively manage adverse effects  -potential or real- in terms of human rights, since if they do not incorporate policies, procedures today and strategies both in respect and in response to the impact on these rights, obviously will not be sustainable over time.

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