Brazil | CGU participated in the delivery of the Seal of Greater Integrity of the Ministry of Agriculture

13 Apr, 2022 | Noticias-en

The Minister of the Comptroller General of the Union (CGU), Wagner Rosário, participated on Wednesday, March 23, in Brasilia, in the delivery ceremony of the More Integrity Seal 2021/2022 of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply of Brazil.

Agribusiness companies and cooperatives were awarded for adopting integrity practices focused on social responsibility, environmental sustainability and ethics, based on the evaluation of the Seal Management Committee, which includes the participation of a CGU representative. The Map Minister, Tereza Cristina, also participated in the event along with other authorities.

The More Integrity Seal of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply is aligned with the Program for the Promotion of Public Integrity (Profip) of the CGU. During the event, Minister Wagner Rosário highlighted the good results of the efforts of public and private institutions, together with civil society, in favor of ethics and integrity. “Our state-owned companies, for example, are all aligned with the recommendations of the OECD Integrity Council. The state companies that seven years ago were involved in corruption scandals, harming the treasury, today show good results”, he said.

The minister also said that, in a survey carried out with the World Bank, in 2021, in alliance with the Federal Government, 22,130 public servants were interviewed, with an average experience of 16 years in the work, in all the federal units of the country and in all ministries. According to him, of these public servants, 58% said they had observed unethical acts in the federal government during their career in public service. “When we ask that, in the last three years, that number has dropped to 33%. The numbers are not good yet, but they already show that the work of public and private institutions, together with civil society, is bearing fruit”, he celebrated.

For Wagner Rosário, integrity must be associated with a rational and reasonable attitude. “This is the daily challenge in our profession, a change of mentality. With a stronger culture of integrity, we will need less control. it is a process. Patience is needed for this culture to be absorbed by all. And, as much as many people try to denigrate the image of Brazil, public and private efforts have made a difference in the country”, he concluded.

17 organizations from the agricultural sector were awarded, nine of which received the award for the first time and eight achieved renewal of the certificate. On the occasion, the “Mais Integrity Seal – Special Version” was also launched and four organizations were recognized with the delivery of the “Mais Integrity Seal Partner Association 2021/2022” trophy.

Minister Tereza Cristina highlighted the efforts of companies and cooperatives in the agricultural sector to maintain the full purpose of management, even in the face of the challenges imposed by the pandemic. According to her, this will open up markets that were previously considered unattainable. “Since we started the project, we have been fully aligned with good management practices, with social responsibility and environmental sustainability. We support companies on several fronts and we have space to promote, through our Agrointegro registry, even those that are with initial integrity actions. Today we already have almost 30 registered companies and cooperatives,” she said.

The ordinances approving the Mais Integridade Seal Brand Manual and the regulations for the next edition of the award by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply also took place during the ceremony.


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