Gender equality in the field of corporate compliance: a commitment to sustainable development

1 Apr, 2024 | Noticias-en, Opinions

As women in the Compliance field, we understand that gender equality is, in addition to an essential right, the fundamental basis for building a prosperous and equitable world. This approach is closely aligned with Sustainable Development Goal No. 5 (“SDG 5”) of the United Nations Global Compact, which seeks to promote gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls in all aspects of life. .

Despite the progress made in recent decades, women and girls around the world still face significant barriers to enjoying this equality, especially in key areas such as education, healthcare, employment and participation in decision-making. political and economic decisions. The reality that comes from being exposed reflects a challenge that requires continuous commitment from all sectors of society.

In the corporate context, companies have a crucial role to play in promoting gender equality. It is not only about adopting internal policies and procedures to guarantee equal rights and employment opportunities, but also about investing in economic empowerment programs that benefit women and girls in the communities where they operate, aiming to build more inclusive work environments, fair and productive.

In accordance with SDG 5, some of the practices that companies can implement include, but are not limited to:

  • Create an Equality Plan with specific commitments, measures and objectives to promote and achieve gender equality within the organization.
  • Monitor and ensure that all company policies include a gender perspective and that the business culture promotes equality and integration.
  • Implement procedures aimed at promoting an increase in the number of women at all levels and positions within the organization, especially in positions of responsibility and management.
  • Develop a training plan on gender, which includes topics such as human rights and non-discrimination, for all departments and areas of the organization.

These actions not only meet the objectives of SDG 5, but also contribute to building a more equitable and sustainable environment for present and future generations. Additionally, they foster a more productive and enriching work environment for all employees, regardless of gender.Principle of the form.

By Lucía Rodríguez Wikman, Lawyer | CIEMSA


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